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My rogue Dad and the Flying Aces

©Shers Gallagher 2011
At the tail-end of WWII, my young father, then unmarried pilot for the Army Air-corps, formed a lifelong bond with Irish-American twins, named George and Charlie Finn. The Berlin Blockade (1948-49) was a major international crisis of the Cold War, where the Soviets blocked the railway and road access of Western Allies to the Berlin areas under allied control. They did this to allow the Soviet zone to supply Berlin with food and fuel that would give them control of the city. However, the Western Allies foiled their plans by organising the Berlin Airlift to carry supplies to the people of West Berlin. The Finn brothers took part in this and became known as some of the 'flying aces' of that post-war period.

Shortly thereafter, these surplus planes were being dumped and sold on the free market; and my father told the twins of one in particular, an abandoned C-46 that had been used as an extra classroom in a school-yard, which had come up for sale. They were del…