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The Internet Game

©Shers Gallagher 2012
I’m nursing an anger, a personal rage,
perhaps unjustifiable yet still of an age
where it’s easy to copy, to cut and to claim
the talents of others through this internet game.
And I'm frankly astounded by such unabashed pride
that attaches a name-tag with the assertion: ‘All mine!’
It's the work of another and a rape crime of voice
committed by you in a one-act, called 'Choice'. 

And as grey matter rots while the cheek spreads too wide
don't you feel a known prick of unmerited pride?
You're just a fencer of thoughts,
one who gulps and gleans 
from the crafting of others, 
on their ideals and dreams. 
Yet where are your own?
Lost in your nebulous binds
as you lurk in subscriptions and imaging finds?
Such effortless meaning is your identity tree.
You’ve no signature at all, 
there's nothing to see.
Neither wit nor insight, not one creative scrawl.
You’ve let yourself go in a colourless fall. 

Now I ask you again, is it so hard to conceive?
To make yourself known, 
your existence believed?
Let us read then of wit and how you beguile
as you whisper your plans in a reflective profile.
One brush-stroke, one note or even a jot
without having to Google
or impregnate Photoshop.
Do away with vain comments
and all those numb-nutting smiles.
Rather, celebrate SELF in your own personal style.
It's otherwise easy to laud what you pirate and steal,
though all you have there is mere trumped up appeal.


  1. The just frustration of an excellent author. I've come across piracy many times in the past, I've even fallen for it, but as soon as I realised I had been taken for a ride, I told the thief what I thought of him. Not a good idea: he unleashed his army of blood-thirsty blind devotees on me. Ouch!

  2. Oh, Dani, I would surely be there defending the cause with you. Off with his head, I'd say, no yell and scream!

  3. Piracy is not good. In this instance, it would nice to chop off their heads or hands,

    I like the rage and indignation in your words ~

  4. ha, i know a few....and have been their victim a few times...always they hide behind anon, and leave incredulous comments....and then slip in the back door to steal....nice take...frustrating...and there is no sheriff on the internet...

  5. for somebody like me who is trying to do his best in this game. made me happy to be a victim, feels great somebody liked my post. hehehe... kidding aside, this had been a topic for me and JC yesterday... nice write!


  6. My, you do have a bee in your bonnet! Personally, I've always enjoyed it, when others have taken an image of mine and re-crafted it to their own liking. After all, copying is the sincerest form of flattery, is it not?

  7. Lots of angst here...I hope no one is stealing your stuff Catfish...

  8. No, Tess, not lately, at least, and knock on wood! Yet, it is a call to those who do to 'wake up' and start tapping into their own muse. Cheers

  9. I never feel flattered, Jinksy. Rather, I feel it a form of laziness, disrespect and severe lack of self-worth on the part of the thief.

    Thanks, JJ. Keep shining brightly!

    How frustrating, indeed, Brian. Those 'anons' are pure cowards, IMO.

    ThX, Grace. Healthy anger is good! And a few chops don't hurt either - LOL

  10. It's called plagiarism and it's not nice.

    A friend of mine has just discovered that a woman with a similar name is posting her writings as her own.

    Good write.

  11. It is nasty when people steal your stuff, thinking they have a right to do that. It stirs anger in me too. I always write my poems before I read the work of anyone else and that way I am sure the thoughts in my brain are my own. It is good you said this to remind (and perhaps even teach) others that plagiarism is wrong. Thank you Shers.

  12. Touché, and take that...!!! can there be any joy or fulfillment in tapping another's angst, joy, fear, experiences, etc. -- when we have so much store of our very own... what the hell could possibly be the pay off...?

  13. but what if celebrating yourself means beating the crap out of someone!!??

    done for

  14. Oh how I would love to hear you read this aloud!

  15. Oh my you sure have rocked the stage, with deep truth...although I'm hoping nobody took anything of's a sad thing, but it sure does seem that it's something that happens every where with just about every thing! You sure have put the who ever they are in their place!

  16. No, Karen, but thanks a million. It's just a reflection on the challenge of this week's writing prompt; as, in this photo, I saw anger, frustration and all that goes with it for whatever reason. With that said, I so much enjoy the interpretive takes of others as well. Yet, I've certainly had my share of irritation over callous plagiarism in the past. A photographer prof friend of mine ruthlessly goes after anyone attempting to steal his work by threatening huge copyright lawsuits. He demands they delete any of his photos they've put on their sites with a claim to hefty fines for the misuse and misrepresentation of his works, which he gets. They think twice about tampering with HIS photos in future, let me tell you.

  17. A fablous write and so true in so many factors! I must agree with Linda on the original thoughts bit.........but Zongrik's comment made me think and made me laugh!

  18. Pirates of plagiarism beware!! A clever take on the Magpie prompt. Well done Catfish.

  19. Tou can be quite ferocious, Catfish, very feline, thewindowpanes rattled as i read !


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