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I Am Waiting Patiently...

for my tea and cake
and hoping that you hurry, dear,
because I mind this boorish rake.

With your seating plan you meant no harm,
surely I know this.
Or did I cause you some offence
to take the royal piss?

Forgive me if I've spilled the beans
or given ill advice.
And I'd have never thought to gossip
if not for that scotch and ice.

Now if you have some brandy,
I'll take a glass or two.
While sitting with a cretin
it just goes down so smooth. ©2012 Shers Gallagher
Aisling Books

The Poisoned Tree - by Shers Gallagher

The funny and fastidious Felicia van Vliet is a feminine but strong female personality who lives and works out of a fictionalized North Holland university town. Her profession leads her to adventures turned suspenseful when murder abounds. 

In this latest release - the 3rd of the trilogy - Felly is comfortably home from her travels when she finds a note lodged in the spine of a second-hand book about student squatters in Amsterdam around the 1970s-80s. The note reads as a draft of a confession of murder when a revolt went sour when the police rammed a handmade barricade. Her digging into a fairly known family name uncovers something different than she could have ever imagined and decides to reopen this intriguing cold case.
The Poisoned Tree
Aisling Books