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Looking Out My Window

©Shers Gallagher 2012

I saw a bee buzzing through an open window. It was drunk on dandelion wine. I opened the framed glass further to feel the warm air like a dry heave, dull and slack. It soothed me all the same, me and my present body of bony bones. I heard the grass move beyond the sill. It was scratching itself like a half dozen cicadas. Stacks of reedy timber they were, parched and brittle in the soft, infrequent breeze. I am of a temperate nature, seeking neither hot nor cold. I seek the balm of Gilead and thirst for the waters of Sharon. But today I only bask in my consumption of the slowly rising heat of the setting sun.
Aisling Books

She Explorer

©Shers Gallagher 2012
She is young between the thighs
and old between the lips.
A baby-face, nonetheless,
still eager to use and be used...
well, just a little.
Life, to her, is yet an experiment to master.
She will not, shall not,
wants not,
to be conquered by her dreams
before she has made her ascent to Everest.
Aisling Books