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Looking Out My Window - mag 145

©Shers Gallagher 2012

I saw a bee buzz out the open window,drunk on dandelion vines.I opened the framed glass furtherto feel the warm air retch in, dull and slack.It soothed me all the same,me and my present body of bony bones.I heard the grass move beyond the sill.It was scratching itself like a half dozen cicadas.Stacks of reedy timber they were,parched and brittle in the soft, infrequent breeze.I am of a temperate nature, seeking neither hot nor cold.I seek the balm of Gilead and thirst for the waters of Sharon.But today I only bask in my consumptionof the slowly rising heat of the setting sun.
[N.B. Image altered slightly to better fit theme]

Aisling BooksMagpie Tales

Fire on ice in a tempest's meadow - mag 143

©Shers Gallagher 2012
Love is not that easy
where more than nature's vengeance 
lies between its sheets.

The rest is our doing 
-- and undoing. 

Aisling Books - Magpie Tales

She Explorer - mag 142

©Shers Gallagher 2012

She is young between the thighs
and old between the lips.
A baby-face, nonetheless,
still eager to use and be used...
well, just a little.

Life, to her, is yet an experiment to master.
She will not, shall not,
wants not,
to be conquered by her dreams
before she has made her ascent to Everest.

Aisling Books - Magpie Tales