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Concentration camp survivors found to live longer than peers

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by Thijs Wolters [translated by Sherry Gallagher & Rob Bitter]
Jews who were in their puberty or young adulthood during the Second World War, and in a concentration camp or in hiding, appear to be living longer than their peers who fled the Holocaust. This comes from research done by two University of Leiden professors, Marinus van Ijzendoorn and Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg, with two Israeli colleagues who published their findings in ‘PLOS ONE’[an open access peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Public Library of Science since 2006]. In their research they investigated more than 55,000 Polish Jews: people who moved to the then British Mandate Territory of Palestine and survivors of the Holocaust immigrating to Israel between 1945-50. The survivors of especially males from the Holocaust appear to live longer on average than those having…

Simple truth

© Sherry Gallagher 2013

I just want to say: Hallelujah, I'm glad I am born. It's all so simple. How could I have missed it, all these years, all these years.
My bucket’s full of flowers, that's all there is, really all there is. The rest is just illusion though it smells intoxicating.
I just want to say: Hallelujah, I'm glad I am born. It's no longer cool to say so but I could give a care. Yet how could I have missed it all these years, all those years ago.
Such a simple truth just to say: I'm glad I am born. Hallelujah, hallelujah, I'm glad I am born.