Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hallow’s Eve fun – 31 October 2013

Shers is readying for this evening’s Fright-night Bash…
 and serving a bit of protein for her peeps…. 

 Nikki’s cousin Li’l Pip is all excited for the Eve’s event. She thought she’d come in disguise. Who is this bear cub?

Sunny brightened his look with a new hat….

And Pumpkin puss -- so cleverly disguised -- is in charge of dispensing hors d’oeuvres. 
Mmm-mmm, tasty!

to you and yours! ♥♥♥Nikki & friends  

What are you all up to this eve? 


  1. In our 'hood most of the children are driven to a more affluent area, pick up their stash, and come home to count the loot. Reminds me of old cowboy movies, where guys rob a bank, then ride to hideout to split up the money.--grin!

    I LOVE CATS, no matter HOw funny you dress them, Shers.

    1. LOL, Steve. What a neighbourhood. Hopefully they'll share the booty too!