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Willow Manor Ball-e-gram ~ confidential communication between invited guest and lady of the manor

Willow Manor Ball-e-gram

Pay no charges to messenger                         
Name of addressee: Tess Kincaid 
                                                              City/province: Dublin, Ohio   
         For quick service reply to bearer               

Date:                          20 October 2013
Time filed:                   Midnight 01 a.m. (burning the wee hour oil)
Sending station:          Amsterdam, North Holland


URGENT STOP Leaving carnival atmosphere of Amsterdam on red-eye flight to Dublin...Ohio, that is. Couldn't miss Willow ball. STOP

Bringing cannabis lollies - hoping appetisers fit in with Dominic Franks’ gingerbread massacre and wacky world of Vincent Price/Tracey Emin - this year's chef and honoured guests. STOP 

Wearing butterfly dress to ‘flit the light fantastic’ with Tess's crystal chandelier. R.A.D. Stainforth, do you want a light, my dear? Don't STOP 

Be seeing you sooner than later, darlin. END - Shers Gallagher


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks ever so much, Soki. I do love flitting around, and how better than at a ball!

  2. I love your monarch gown, Shers! Does it include flight possibilities.... that dancing on air feeling? How wonderful.... ( I hope the Queen doesn't complain)...... she fancies herself as the monarch.... LOL. After a lollipop or two we might all be dancing on the ceiling..... LOL

    1. You got it, Linda. After a few musician's licks and our lollies no one but no one will be complaining then. ;-)

  3. How lovely you look. Please don't give Dinosaur Hand any more of those lollies, he's already got a snootful of Guinness and his date stormed off to the stables. Stevie is already tutting him and shrugging off those wiggly fingers. Can I get you a drink?

  4. Oh Shers! How whimsical and lovely! And did you arrive alone…because Tom here looks interested?.

    1. I seem to have lost my date to Vincent Price. I suppose I shall be drunk and sprawling on the grand staircase before long...

  5. Oh, my! Cabin boy, fetch me my butterfly net! Oh, and your lollies are divine! A perfect accompaniment to Dominic's buffet.

  6. Cannabis lollies? Hop aboard Matthew's jet .. Room for one more! Going to love you in Bend Oregon .....

    1. Just love you Oregonian gals - my brother was born in Beverton - I'm hopping aboard!

  7. That dress is just delightful and you are ready to take fight....I am wearing a butterfly mask..

    1. I'm so glad we got to flit and float together, Truedessa. Wanna 'nother lolly? ;-P

  8. I'll have some of those lollies! Would you believe I tried on this very same monarch butterfly gown? It's fabulous, dahling!

    1. No! Do tell!!! Ladies of fine taste ;-D

  9. Gosh... cannabis lollies or Benedict Cumberbatch... afraid it's no contest, really. I'd rather lick Benedict Cumberbatch. 8-)

    1. Okay by me. Plenty of options to share at such an eclectic, fun and eccentric ball! Enjoy :D

  10. Your butterfly dress is a winner! :)

    1. And didn't we flit the light fantastic last night, Jinksy!

  11. Hi all! But didn't we burn the midnight oil last night?!! Oh the twitting, tweeting, fleeting flitting...the catching and being caught with a showering of lollies everywhere for the taking. Flying with Matthew and company - and following the yellow brick road to Scioto and back with Seamus Heaney the Badger, Ronaldo and Tess in the Blue Jag!

    And I've had so much fun with you others - old and new acquaintances - our Vinnie & Tracey, Captain Flinthead, Helen, Soki, Linda, Tom, Truedessa, Marcheline, Ninotaziz, Jinksy and, but of course, Laurie! Still so much more and too little room to tell it. Please join me too in the 'after the ball' celebration before I take flight back to the Netherlands:

  12. Your dress is RAVISHING !!! In my brandy stupor, I thought you were the monarch !!!!


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