Thursday, 21 November 2013

Lilac and Musk

© Shers Gallagher November 2013

Her scent is lilac and musk 
and as purposefully lingering 
as a Parisian city on display. 
Hers is a happy soul,
an English waltz in a world of entangled Frenchness
which goes no further than a simple love of dance
led away from all the rumbas of despair.

As clouds diminish over Montmartre
she does not struggle with the stars
that perform for shadows of lightning 
and echoes of thundered applause.

It is enough, she thinks, to simply play.

Aisling Books


  1. Ah, peace, play simply, enough...all in a single moment, wherein I spend most of my life.
    The present moment, lived in grateful attitude and love, can extend to countless moments...
    of happiness

    Comparing the "scent of a woman"
    with the sweet smells of a city
    brings on an eye-closing moment of thought.

    WELL-MADE Sher!