Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Occupancy - Mag 197

by Sherry Gallagher 2013

I feed them from my rolled down window
because it is too cold to do otherwise
and I have the notion to relieve myself 
of half the cheese occupying my bread 
- nothing more.

These gulls are known as sea rats, 
pests of sea and strand;
and, for that matter, 
so are the seals.
But who has labelled them such?
Only sailors staking a claim 
- occupying as well.

How dare the audacity, wouldn't you say?
To lay claim to common space.
And that is truly all 
- nothing more. 

Aisling Books
Mag 197


  1. Impressively eloquent; well done.

  2. Lovely write Shers...I had to giggle when "lactose intolerant" came to mind in the first stanza...

  3. Sometimes it seems like a game, encroaching on another's "territory" or
    claiming a common ground which essentially belongs somehow to all.
    The birds do it, the fish, vegetation, and certainly we humans.
    "...How dare the audacity..." holds a lot of meaning.
    PEACE and LIGHT, Sher.....

  4. nicely penned, Shers,,,,Happy New Year!