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Running with Carrot Tops

©Shers Gallagher 2013
This is not a bottle and a carrot,
neither is it a bottle turning into a carrot
nor carrot turning into a bottle
on a table in front of a mountain scene.
It is an image of a painting by René Magritte,
a witty and thought provoking Belgian
of the early 20th century
who believed in wanting to take us on a journey
to shake up and challenge our life’s preconceptions.
So what is the obvious here?
And why did the surrealist not choose an apple or an orange,
but a bottle and a carrot, as his painted theme? 
Am I falling into my own trap of ‘precooked’ ideas
when at first glance I think ‘phallic’?
Ah, yes, he’s got me. :)
Aisling Books

Creature of the Flushed Lagoon

©Shers Gallagher 2013
You HATE pink,
stretching it beyond its limitation
and fitting it like the rebel you are 
of woolly BVDS.
I knitted you the sweater,
calling it maroon. 
But what a comfy form you've made it,
toasting yourself 
'creature of the flushed lagoon'. 
Aisling Books

The Girl at the Window

©Shers Gallagher 2013
The girl at the window,
bra-less and elegant in lace,
is a model of youth and such dreams that are chaste.
You would not think in viewing her see-through attire
that she is an untouchable of everyman's desire.
She is the virgin of dreams, their expectations aflame
yet stuck in the honey pot of life's crying game.
There one finds less compromise for weakness of flesh
and more righteous judgements of others professed. 
Only with ripeness of age and recognition of soul
the acceptance’s begat, which youth does not know. 
It is the seasoned ripeness allowing for wisdom and wit 
to overlook the hunger’s insatiable pit.
Aisling Books