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An Honest Bulimic-Anorexic

©Shers Gallagher 2015 
I've read about all the health problems one can receive having an eating disorder, one of the many addictions of an OCD type personality. Some say this disorder is genetic, others claim it's a social dilemma of a modern age with strained values. Whatever it is, the long-term effects of bulimia / anorexia are alarming and frightening enough to alert one to take care of and deal with the problem rather than ignore it and the hidden shame and embarrassment to its sufferer.

After reading a medical professor’s blog regarding bulimia/anorexia, I thought it courageous of her to admit she has this problem as well as disclose her acute awareness of being an overachiever, a highly skilled and degreed individual with a vast accumulation of experience who has accomplished so much but values her life so little. 

Honestly, I believe that there is no key to overcoming bulimia/anorexia but feel the disorder should be faced head-on and dealt with on a daily basis.

Binging us…