Sunday, 26 January 2014

Running Wild and Free - in celebration of the New Year - Year of the Horse

© Shers Gallagher 2014

Running wild in an era held by airtime bandits,
I have ridden the pulse of the world
and returned to face my native soil,
a land made richer than the rest.
Peeling off skin in real time leaves scars,
and I have stored up travelling lines between my brows,
those silent creases of my journeying
that no cream can soften.
Stars and stripes are hammered into layers of homespun illusion
hanging upon the rack of my world.

I have run with horses that have left me rootless,
but no more.
As I now withstand the killer weeds
and poisoned vines that choke up truth,
which I can spit out like acid rain
that drops heavy from the sky.
I've only to wash my face
and let go of all the pretty pictures
that have deluded me,
resembling no more than the slow vehicles
that move against a hot summer’s day,
steaming engines of platitudes I no longer miss.

My father has died and I have raised another,
and a new child is born to supplant lost souls.
It seems we cancel each other out
in all our scheming and screaming.
But I turn to the dialogue of prayer,
which is enough to give away,
to let go and dissipate  
into another new generation’s dreaming.
And I embed my fading mark
as a lingering afterthought to help others grow.
I am gladdened by change
and the loving the ones who will not remember me,
the soil of my offspring.
Still, it saddens me,
the one who has tasted freedoms
its sweetness now on another’s breath
who will soon yearn as I did to run wild and free. 



  1. Do I "see" a bird and a cat near horsie's rump? No? Just a little ink? LOVING the drawing, Shers.
    Living wild and free
    is not foreign to me
    I believe God's gift
    was not a snowdrift
    but a grant to go, do, and see!!!
    But there comes an age when risks and wanderlust must be reined,
    when weeding gardens is important.
    Yet in each handful of dirt, I smell the open unpaved roads of yesterday.
    MEMORIES here, Shers.

  2. You're certainly welcome, Steve E. Always enjoy and appreciate your fun and thoughtful comments!

  3. As I read that I realized that I could relate, but not emotionally. After a few minutes I became aware that it may be because "wild and free" has never described me (unless it was in the distant past when I was too young to remember it now). I think my impulses to be that way may have been squashed early in life. I'm going to have to cogitate on that.

  4. @ Mark: Yes, I'm no longer so 'wild and free' as I once was either. So much can be said about adventure, and so much more about its overrating. :D

    @ Helena: Why thank you, darlin'