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Apartment to Let

©Shers Gallagher 2016

Who lives in places of squalor once made popular by Bohemians and beat poets? Now I only think of druggies and prostitutes, as well as Sherlock Holmes. The character of Holmes liked living in the midst of his personal hobby, solving crimes like chess games: no passion just strategy and reason. Criminals are the black knaves and sometimes bishops, I think. The royals end the game. The victims, too many victims, are always dispensable game pieces. I thought of this, not of Sherlock and dark horses, but of pawns as I flew over the sprawling yet uniformed houses that line up in rows and cul-de-sac formations. There are too many to count and too many to care to be individual anymore. Yet sometimes there is hope, just a little hope among the railings and rafters.

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