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Canvassed Starry Nights

©Shers Gallagher 2014
In the land of van Gogh I have wandered  by canals and dikes of blanketed hills, green-stemmed  with gold-faced flowers. And of Vincent's world I have whirled and danced  amidst the oils of heaven's glory retold in canvassed starry nights.
Aisling Books

Lydi, Jeff and Andy

©Shers Gallagher 2016
She had suffered a substantial loss while gaining something more elusive, and it felt odd to disclose that she had met the love of her life. But knowing was enough, and she never told anyone else. Yet, was it also enough to live life on a shoestring? Lydi was no longer used to such a life, though she had in her youth run away from home and experienced living rough for several years. This, however, was a long time ago and she was not quite sure how to live within her means any more.
Lydi had also recently lost her house to a man she had once known as gentle and kind. When they met Jeff was a wisecracking teen with photographic memory that he used to beat everyone he knew at chess, including herself. Now he had turned on her and checkmated her out of her house by making a calculated move to sit on the unpaid mortgage till the bank foreclosed and they both lost out. His point, she gathered, was simply for her not to have any of it, no matter that he shot his own self …

The Rodeo Princess and the Cowboy

©Shers Gallagher 2016
She leapt from the vehicle,
yelling to the cowboy that he had crossed the line.
And the rodeo princess dusted her jeans and adjusted her bra
before spinning her rope into a dust bowl of lazing lizards,
scattering them as she did
and lassoing just for fun a few cactus that were in her way.
Then she turned to the cowboy, awaiting an apology. 
But he spat and cursed her 
before popping the lid on a tall can of beer.
She breathedslowly in and out, 
taking in every inch of his self-amused smile
and then threw her rope, 
knot-tying him like a piece of chattel
and hearing him swear like a moon-calf 
as her lasso got tighter and tighter.
Oh, he whimpered and pleaded,
saying he would never again take advantage of her.
But it was too late for this cowboy.
The rodeo princess had made up her mind.
She would leave him there, 
a lone wolf among the coyotes, 
as she shifted into high gear.

Aisling Books