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An Infamous Wee

© Shers Gallagher 2015

In this narcissistic age
with everyone a 5-second star
of blogs and meals and secret thrills,
of our kids with frogs and snails
and their puppy dog tales....

So it is with Manekin Pis,
the naked little Belgian boy
and his 5-second self-pee,
urinating with glee
while capturing his wee for all
he twitters and tweets to see.
Such are the times we live in!


  1. Funny, good poem. I think this week on Magpie is going to be great. That picture will lead to so much comedy.


  2. Sharp, perceptive and very well done.

  3. Ha.. I think we are all subject to these issues.. though rather not when I'm peeing.

  4. very funny and so to the point!

  5. Hi there! The Good Wife is my number one favorite network show! Stellar writing and acting. And of course you are right, most politicians are narcissists and we vote them into office.

    I love your take on the image this week!

  6. I am staring into the glass and unable to look away !

  7. Like the way you combined the Mag with Manneken Pis - much fun!


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