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The Men in My Life – commemorating all the fathers who have influenced my life

©Shers Gallagher 2015

Every good story, of course, begins at the beginning. And my earliest memories were of a man larger than life, as he was indeed a tall tree to me in my toddler years. Some of my more vivid recollections were meeting him with my mother and brother at the train station, he with suitcase in hand and loaded with a treasure picked out for each of his kids from a recent adventure. Mine during one of these occasions was an Eskimo squaw covered in soft rabbit fur. Dad had been up in Alaska, flying a pontoon plane. I don't remember why my father was in Alaska, and now too much time has passed for an exact memory. But this was my dad. For me and my oldest brother, he was a young father with an even younger wife, a man I looked up to, loved, slightly feared and admired. 

He was a maverick of a man, living by his own principals. And later in life these often clashed with mine. Nevertheless, he was a hard working entrepreneur who provided extremely well financially for his …

Laura Ashley Days

© Shers Gallagher 2015

In fleeting flashes of forgotten time
I dream of those Laura Ashley days
when together we braided and embroidered, 
canned our jams with raggle-taggle tales, 
often sharing a tune or two
- mine on mountain dulcimer - 
while our men-folk, really only boys, 
laboured side by side and shirtless, 
laughing under youth's forgiving sun. 
Life we perceived as good back then,
perhaps deluded in our simplicity 
that everything we laid out
would be in perfect napkins. 
Aisling Books