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Never Give Up

©Shers Gallagher 2015
Squeeze out a dream
and make it happen.
Soar to the moon
and mount what defeats you.
Hitch the stars
and shine in heaven.
Never give up, 
never give up.

Squeeze out a dream
and make it happen.
Sail the horizon 
and walk the shores.
Colour your earth
by loving your planet.
Never give up,
never give up!

Squeeze out a dream
and make it happen.
Explore your soul
and light a fire.
Spread it around
with living your life.
Never give up,
never give up....

Aisling Books

As We Let Go

©Shers Gallagher 2015

Breaking into thoughts
that cannot be grasped
by the lighting of day,
the rumble of trains, 
the prattle of life
draining everything away.

Across the table 
twilight dwindles 
as the sun glows golden 
to all the saints paving its way.
Their well-meaning intentions
fading into strange displays
as we let go
and release all those goodbyes,
letting them just fade away.

Aisling Books

Hush Hush

©Shers Gallagher 2015
Hush hush along the flickering of floating leafy quills amidst the timeless tree clocks of chirping whip-poor-will.
Hush hush  to silvery shadows of cats in sleeping caps that watch the crescent silhouettes of drowsy river rats.
Hush hush  away from drowning in an age of chrome and glass
cemented into passageways of glittering ash.
Hush hush to climbing downward into lamp-lit bluish casts where love is but a byword and romance a dreamlike past. 
Aisling Books