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'Tis The Gift

©Shers Gallagher 2015
[based on 'The Simple Gift']
'Tis the gift to be complex
as well as to be simple and free.
'Tis the gift to colour how 
each one of us wants to live and be.
And when we are able to let all
be in their places just right
'twill be in a world of love and delight.
When true acceptance is gained
no one should ever have to bow or bend,
or of self and others
be ashamed.
To truly live and let live
will be a global community delight.
For by letting everyone live 
as they are and ought to be
is the only way
to come round right.
And when we find ourselves able 
and enlightened in such a light
'twill be in a world of love and delight.
As only in such a way
will we all truly come round right.

Simple Gifts with Yo-Yo Ma & Alison Kraus....
Aisling Books

Oh So Like the Magpie

©Shers Gallagher 2015 Father promised his presence at such an inviting aperitif. But, once again, he broke her heart with an unconscionable failure to appear. His excuse of absence was in the lure of a busy world that did not recognise a daughter's worth and would shatter such a gentle heart by sheer neglect of a man’s foul play. The girl knew better, yes, than to place her chips on an absent father's whim while she, herself, lay victim to any blinding bauble of perfumed adoration. And, oh so like the magpie! Such a clever thief to rob away the shine of what such a day could give, preferring instead all those unaffected gems
that only steal away the soul. 
Aisling Books

My My...Big Fluffy Cat!

©Shers Gallagher 2015

So, you fancy you can cook
and have caught a poor mouse 
for another big cat.
Or, so you’re led to think,
as it's really only me. 
And you and I,
we share our love of cheese
which is always in-house:
old Amsterdam and Gouda
next to creamy pots of camembert 
and brie.
But so is our mouse betrapped
all for its love of cheese.
And you have sprung it into pots
while the bigger cat's away,
knowing this is when it’s time for play.
Now it’s simmering with pleas,
this squeaky little rodent,
folded into curds and whey 
to be served as such a nice surprise 
from adoring you to honoured me.

Aisling Books

Soldiers of Mercy

©Shers Gallagher 2015

The soldiers of mercy
spread their lives like seeds for the blooming of red poppies. We who live in sunshine grumble at the rain   and wish for more brilliant days. Yet we oft forget their costs for our freedoms. They have lain down beside us so we can rise up and remain. The question now is: Will we so easily give it all away?

Aisling Books / Magpie Tales