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In the Wings

© Shers Gallagher 2016
Musicians are the last to leave
The whirling girls 
And magician's sleeve.
I'm the one lost 
In the wings
4-5-6, 4-5-6
And awaiting
Curtain call
Encore, encore!
So brilliant now
I'm the one lost 
In the wings
4-5-6, 4-5-6
And awaiting
Curtain call
Encore, encore!
Waiting for
The whirling girls
And magician's sleeve
To fall.

Aisling Books

Fear of the Encroaching Unknown

©Shers Gallagher 2016 She fears the beast of the encroaching unknown while turning within and challenging attitudes that are encased in her mirrored reflection. She has let in an influx of foreign change. Baksheesh, baksheesh!
She now fears the pendulum swing, ringing out the old and ringing in the new like a plot to usurp a dying age with what's to come. Today's usurping of antiquated predilections will not diminish. The swing grows stronger, reaching out and vibrating into heaven as hell oscillates in the taking. Taking, taking! 
There is a strength in numbers revived to march on the spilt tears of children - our children - and their needs are superseding the burden of giving.
What shall be done then?
What shall be done when the beast is sated and begins to bite the hand that feeds?
Her mirror, now too heavy to hold,  is set down. She looks away  to rest up for another day and face her fear of the encroaching unknown. 

Aisling Books

Ophelia Knew What I Did Not

© Shers Gallagher 2016
Ophelia knew what I did not...
that life is unhinged.
And everything in it whittles down,
down, down, down
to vain and worthless glory.

Ophelia knew what I did not...
that to enjoy love is a momentary thing,
and so is sanity.
Everything else is vanity,
vanity, vanity, vanity
in a broken stream of passing celebration.

Aisling Books / Magpie Tales

Charing Cross Road 1937: a moment's reflection

©Shers Gallagher 2016
A little less than 80 years ago….
Time was fraught with global uncertainty and utter anxiety.
But it was a near century of hope, shining strong and virtuous.
Juxtapose this against today's toxicity that doubts too many beginnings
before they are allowed their time to germinate and hatch. 
Thus, modern cynicism can easily squelch the good of living life,
calling it 'bad' in turn and time. 
And the 'good' of these days can be overlooked and branded 'boring'.
Our parents' THEN versus your and my NOW I would not want to live in,
not for all the advancements made in our millennial world, 
incredible as they all are.
Shouldn't we then teach ourselves not to lose the simple loveliness in just being?
Shouldn't we learn again to dance and sing, and to set aside time to splash in all the ‘puddle wonderfuls’ 
that we can grasp,
just as in the days of ‘84 Charing Cross Road’?
I don't know about you, 
but I would much prefer this than to rema…