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Children of Light

© Shers Gallagher 2016
No lingering in the caves of martyrs
nor hunkering down in alcoves of fear.
The children of light embrace the noonday sun 
while tasting the brine of laughter on salt water tongues
and kicking with glee the waves that are lapping 
like puppy dog kisses at their feet.
They are the righteous shining of the dawn,
and their joy rises from the ashes 
of our present despair.
Light a single candle against the darkness
and you will see their dancing shadows 
cascading everywhere.

Aisling Books

The Gift

©Shers Gallagher 2016
[excerpted from Uncommon Boundaries ©2012 ] 

The air sighed and breathed life into a virgin womb.
So soft was its pain, cut off and transformed to life again, 
a life in foreign exile.

A leper was born to a colony of misfits and halfwits. 
An outcast, inflicting self to take on the shame of others:
inflicted with their wounds, laying claim to their sores.

Born so human, so debased to family crude in its ways.
Its cry was heard and tears shimmered in the heavens
as a gaze turned away from love’s perfection. 
‘Farewell,’ the ancient starlight whispered.
‘Goodbye,’ echoed the cosmos.
And joy was given to a colony sick in self, embittered fruit.

Grief poured out and sighed into song.
The wind carried the message that what was momentarily lost
would not return void.

This was known and predicted at such a sorrowful turning.
The heart, the soul, the core of being was born
only to break it.

The barter was in blood,
the ransom high, 
the family lost to be found again.

Such cost, such care – suc…

The Wisdom of Jimi Hendrix and Hugh Grant Playing chess on a Kids' Play Date

©Shers Gallagher 2016
'All along the watchtower,' hums Jimy, overlooking the opportunity afforded by Hugh's last move.
And he castles too early, putting his rook in danger too worried to build his defence.
'Leaving home ain't easy,' whistles Hugh, his Queen side-castling to favour more on attack.
I look at the Joker then gaze at the thief, complaining to them both that I have to wee.
'There must be some kind of way out of here,' says Jimy with guarded empathy. 
'Just step outside and breathe the air,' quips an annoyed Hugh, and not too kindly to me.
'But where's the loo?' I demand.
'There's too much confusion!’ And Jimy pawn-storms Hugh's king, adding: ‘I can't get no relief!'
‘But I need to wee!' I tell them.
'I'm on my way!' says Hugh, now rising after having checked. 'Cause I've made my break.'
Yet Jimy checkmates. 'No reason to get excited,' he laughs and kindly speaks.
'I just real…

Sealed With a Kiss

©Shers Gallagher 2016
She never thought her child would have another,
being a bit of an eccentric genius and free spirit,
somewhat like herself but surely more practically minded.
At her leaving, parenthood was furthest from the mind,
making it easier for her in a third phase of life
to immigrate to another land 
to perhaps be the final rooting and end to her wanderlust.
Now the miles and oceans part her from them,
not only physically but also in cultural misunderstandings too.
Still, she so misses them.

If only she had known how difficult it would be to return
and yet never be the same,  
as life goes on, turning and turning,
reshaping and moulding her life,
their lives too.
She knows it should be this way
and is glad they all are adjusting healthily and admirably,
hoping too that they know how proud she is of each of them
and is more than delighted for the little one too.
Yet she never realised how the leaving would be so hard,
so painful, though never breathing a word of it.
And in this she seals her lo…